Bringing Tire Maintenance into a New Era


Application to  Track, Record, Schedule, and Ensure
Compliance with Industry Regulations




Our goal is to provide a user-friendly app that allows you to make educated decisions that can save time and money, all while ensuring your fleet is compliant with industry regulations.

Create Custom Reports

Create analytical reports that help you identify patterns and prepare for the future. 

Monitor Fleet Health 

Determine overall fleet tire health so you can protect your assets and plan ahead.

Schedule & Record Maintenance

Technicians are able to run their work through our rule engine to determine machine violations.

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

Our application works on any smartphone, tablet, and computer so there  is no needs to purchase expensive hardware.  With a simple to use app, information is collected and then stored for future analysis.

Audit Trails & Regulation Compliance 

Safety is a vital part of any business especially when the consequences of a tire flying off a machine could result in major fines and law cases.  Our application tracks and records all the actions of any technicians and even suggests recommendations to take in order to take preventive actions and ensure regulation compliance. 

Analyze, Plan & Save

One of the biggest costs of fleet management are the tires.  With our application you can analyze trends, determine life percentages of your fleet, or even an individual machine and take action on ordering tires when there is a perfect sale or taking preventive actions on machines that could cause issues.  With full history of all the actions on a machine,  action recommendations, and action scheduling technicians are able to make better decisions which ensures longevity of all assets.

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