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Your complete solution to tire fleet management 

Tire Analytics logs user activity, schedules maintenance, scans for industry compliance, queries data and creates meaningful reports. With the ability to query and closely monitor your fleet’s tires and machine data, patterns start to emerge which help you plan the next step, whether ordering tires or maintaining trouble machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What violations can we check for?

Tire Analytics can ensure industry compliance and check for violations, including:
– Scheduling and checking for tire re-torques,
– Notifying users when tread depth is approaching or has surpassed the limit,
– Tread difference anonymity between tires, and
– Scan for tire tread imbalances.

How would Tire Analytics increase our bottom line?

The app ensures that you maximize the lifespan of your company’s assets, including tires and axels, by allowing technicians to see detailed fleet data in the palm of their hand. This ensures they can make well-informed decisions and take preventative actions – saving you money.

The costs of not taking preventative action would be huge – but the legal consequences of not being in compliance with industry regulations would be even worse. Tire Analytics ensures you have detailed, accurate records for each vehicle in your fleet – protecting your company and bottom line in face of an audit.

With our audit logs you can regularly check your machines to ensure they are compliant with industry regulations, and prove that due diligence was taken. With the ability to overview your fleet’s health, your company now has the ability to predetermine the inventory to be ordered so you can take advantage of sales.

Who are the different users of the app?

Users can include tire technicians, mechanics, fleet managers, inventory managers, and machine operators. Each user group has the option to input and schedule different activities allowing everyone on your team to have a complete picture of fleet health.

What problems does Tire Analytics solve?

The current industry data collection process involving tire and machine maintenance is in need of modernization.

Data needs to be easily accessible when technicians are servicing fleet machines. All actions performed should be logged and secured in an accessible space such as the cloud. Due to lack of streamlined data collection, technicians approach maintenance activities with very little insight and data.

When records are kept on paper, it is very difficult to determine trends that will allow your company to plan for the future and effectively manage inventory.

Currently, there is a lack of transparency between users in maintenance. Paper records also create a challenge in scheduling maintenance so that it can happen at the optimal time. Lastly, if an accident occurs it is difficult to track maintenance history and companies need to prove their due diligence or else suffer immense legal consequences.

What makes our solution better?

Our application interface was designed with significant input from industry users resulting in an intuitive interface for use in the field. Tire Analytics is scalable for any organization. Our enthusiastic team has a drive to create better software and is constantly coming up with new features to better serve our customers. We make it our top priority to help improve your business processes and are always up for any challenge.

Our Strengths

Our application was designed from the perspective of a user by working closely with an experienced technician who services tires on a daily basis.

As a result of our partnership with an industry expert, Tire Analytics is designed with the technician and fleet management in mind, and:

  • Is simple and user-friendly
  • Displays data in a consumable form
  • Allows you to make quick, real-time decisions about your fleet
  • Scedule overall fleet management
  • Growing rule engine to check your machines against
  • Data Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis 
  • Custom Report
  • Industry Regulation Compliance 


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